step4.. Promoting your blog !

 Community of Bloggers !
There are blogs about almost everything and as well as sites compiling all sorts of blog topics into a community of bloggers and blog titles!.Bloggers will find joining these communities useful in diverting traffic to their sites.

Visit the links and submit your blog to these sites. Start networking and make yourself known in the blogging community..Find others who are blogging about common topics as you.
 Join what you are able to keep track off and can spare the time to service, or promote your blogs. Or  promote your blog selectively,by joining all the sites but dividing your time and efforts equally  and then track back to look at which sites generate higher traffic volume,and then focus on those sites!

Social Networking sites
Also join a few blog promoting sites. below.Submit some articles or topics on popular or controversial subjects as a member of theses sites,If well written,may just gain thousands of readers,a great way to divert interest  back to your own site.
 Have friends submit some of your posts with the sites and indirectly promote your site.,submitting  URL links back to your blog. Most sites allow that!


 submit your blog's link and exchange reviews by visiting each other's blogs.

or sister site, get credits from writing reviews of blogs you visit n increase traffic to your site, guaranteed visitors reviewing your blog

Also can earn residue income from referring members to sites above!

 Bear in mind that all these sites help to increase your search rankings in search engines,your site's url links may appear faster and quicker if you have a substantial amount of submitted reviews or articles,so it does help to join these sites and write reviews or submit articles, can earn residue income from the postings and at same time optimize your site's link in the major search engines.Inadvertently creating backlinks from various other sources..which links back directly to your blog/blogs!

Article submission sites
Sign up as a member and be a article contributor . Earn  some residue income by  contributing  fresh articles or use article postings from your blog. What to write about  is your own discretion. Promote your blog via the contributed articles  with a brief description of your blog topics at the end of your article.
    Stimulate curiousity with a sentence that prompts readers to follow link to your blog . Most article submission sites allow you to insert URL links back to your site.Good write ups may create enough interest or curiousity for readers to follow the links to your blog and read more.!


Associated Content

Constant content

Signup to Bukisa, Get Paid For Publishing your Knowledge!Signup to Bukisa, Get Paid For Publishing your Knowledge!                                    

All the articles submitted are monetized soon as they are published, no time  limit to residue earnings which comes  from click impressions on the the adds placed with your pubblished article.!

Please click link below and read this article below if considering joining article writing and submission sites!

Article writing Sites worth joining and sites not to bother with!

Read this article= Writing tips to earn online

Another option to promote your blog is to use safe list sites via email marketing,tell thousands of safe list site subscribers about your blog/blogs.. Among the many safe list sites ,i have found one to be effective in conversions (when the link to your sites is actually clicked on)

Or create banners like  above , of your own design ,any size you desire, with free templates available to toy with , fun learning experience! Then use banner to describe your blog and promote the banner by submitting it for display at  Traffic Exchanges or various other free advertising programs online!
Click banner to get a free account and start learning to create promotional graphics!

Created the banner below to promote my scuba diving site with pictures from my own computer.,and its free!

Banners are great promotional gadgets you can use at Traffic exchanges.

Freelance Jobs

Freelancer site has Hundreds of writing jobs posted daily from all niches, demand for simple blog writing to highly skilled programming. just sign up for free and list your preferences for writing gigs and jobs matching your listings will be emailed to you daily. Completed tasks pays out from USD30 to  USD1,000 or more depending on the assignment you applied for.Some writing assignments may take you weeks to complete after a mutual agreement on remuneration is reached. Lot of employers actually gives trial assignments just to be sure,the job can be done to their requirements. 

Bro can you spare a buck or two.