SEO for dummies

It is so easy to start a blog ,and a lot of fun too.Whether your intentions are to maybe just air your point of view and get things off your chest or are looking to maybe try to earn some passive income online. Or if anything just to find out if this works,SEO.see how high you can get your blog to be ranked.!

.SEO for dummies.
Search Engine Rankings . How well your online venture is doing has a lot to do with these 3 simple words.
 If you have optimized your web pages to get higher search engine rankings. It essentially means that you may stand a better chance to  attract targeted customers to your site and obviously gain some who may likely make purchases.
Therefore, the higher your page comes up in search engine rankings, the better are the chances of being discovered by targeted traffic directed to your website.
A very simple reason why search engine optimization is so important for any site’s exposure. It is estimated that approximately 85% of online traffic searching for goods and services on the Internet uses the main search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.
To many people ,optimizing websites  seems very complicated if  they are not familiar with how it is done, but whether but  it is a crucial step that is highly necessary if they want to have better odds online in gaining traffic to their blog or web site that can be translated to business.
To ensure a better chance of succeeding is to have sites, search engine optimized
 One can either invest some time or spend some money to study and get familiar with the technical aspects of search engine optimization of web pages available online.  How to rank higher on search engines. Or just do few adjustments to your existing web pages, and, you never know, you may be surprised at the outcome.
 For instance, try starting by examining the title bar on your homepage.  It is the colored bar at the top of the page.
Every time you access your homepage, note the words that appear. In order to have a higher ranking on search engines, keywords and phrases are important. So be sure that the words on your home page’s title bar include the most important keywords or phrases, including among them, your company name.
 You ought to click all your links and examine the title bars on the pages that have been  
 accessed.   The most important keywords and phrases must be included in every single page of your site on each Title bar.
Not recommended to use long strings of keywords, ideally six words and less. Also, use keywords not more than once in the title bars, and check to be sure that identical words are not side by side...
Try to figure out what are the more preferred words that potential customers will use to type into search engines, searching for sites with similar content like yours.
 It is very important to figure out the all important keywords that may be used and ensure that the text on the site’s pages include them. It will give better odds of traffic being directed to find your site.

If possible the optimum amount of words to have on each page can be about 200 to 250 but if this is not practical for some reason, then determine the most appropriate 100 carefully chosen keywords.
  To have a higher ranking on the search engine, the text is the key to it...
It is important that the text can be read by the search engines. The format should not be in graphic but HTML text. To determine whether your text is in HTML format, use the cursor to try
 highlighting a word or two. If it can be done, it shows that it is HTML .But if the text doesn’t highlight, it is probably in graphic format, in which case then you will need to get a webmaster to have the text converted to HTML format for the purpose of increasing your search engine rankings.
And then there are the Meta tags.  Sounds very technical, the term Meta tag. Actually it is just a code.
Many are sure that  meta tags have a large part in determining a high search engine
ranking, yet the truth is that they just have a limited effect, nonetheless, it is still worthwhile to add them just in case the search engines uses meta tags in their ranking process.
You will need to access s the code in order to determine if your site has Meta tags
 To do this, right click your mouse and a box will pop up.  Then click “view page source”.
It will show a window that displays the underlying code which created the page. Meta tags, if any, usually appear near the top of the window.
 It usually looks like: Meta name=”keywords” content=.
If unable to see a code like so, you may need to ask a webmaster to insert the meat tags in.
 Meta tags may or may not do much to boost rankings but you do need all the help you can get.
Finally the issue of how popular the website’s link is.?
Another extremely crucial factor on search engine ranking . Mainly, all  search engines  rank websites according to link popularity. This in turn is relevant to the quality of the site that is linked to, from the links page.
 One can try to check on their sites using a Google search and typing
 “Free link popularity check”. Another one is “free website link checker”
. You will be directed to sites where when you type in your site’s URL, you can find out what sites are linked to yours .Do a comparison if you have competitors. Type in their URLs to see the sites that they have linked to.

Now if a low count exist on the no. of sites linked to yours or maybe the linked sites are ranked low on search engines. You may need to think of doing a link popularity campaign.
What you may need to do is to get in touch with quality sites and request for a link exchange with your site.  But first, check out the rankings of the websites you are considering linking with.
If unsure whether or how to contact them you can always use a Google search to find sites that
Will inform you on what to do and how to approach them.
 Having links to quality popular sites can ,besides giving your rankings a boost ,may also  direct  quality traffic to your website.
So many Internet marketing websites are successful because, for  a large part, it  is  due to high  search engine rankings
So if you have a online business,  you need to  seriously consider using the service of a search engine optimization company.
 But before that, try a DIY approach and use  some of the simple steps listed just to find out if it may help to increase your site ranking.
Yup, this all important factor in Internet marketing, of using SEO of websites, should not be brushed aside.
 Needless to say that, the higher your site is ranked in the search engines will translate into more quality traffic directed to your site.