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Writing sites worth joining!!

The first bit of advice is READ THE TERMS OF SERVICE.
Most people click; "I agree" without reading exactly what they've gotten into. This is an actual provision
of the Terms of Use for a particular site;
grant us an irrevocable, perpetual, non-exclusive, fully paid, worldwide license to use, copy, perform, display, reproduce, adapt, modify and distribute the Content and to prepare derivative works of, or to incorporate such Content into other works, and to grant and to authorize sublicenses of the foregoing;
Do you understand what that paragraph implies?
License to, ratings, communications, information, data, text
or other materials You give us (collectively, the "Content"), by providing Content
for the Website, You automatically grant, and You represent and warrant that you
have the right to grant, to Us an irrevocable, perpetual, non-exclusive, fully paid,
worldwide license to use, copy, perform, display, reproduce, adapt, modify and
distribute such Content and to prepare derivative works of, or incorporate into
other works, such Content, and to grant and to authorize sublicenses of the
foregoing. In addition, by providing Us with Content, You automatically grant us
all rights necessary to prohibit the subsequent aggregation, display, copying,
duplication, reproduction or exploitation of the Content on our Website by
any other party.
Have you agreed to the above? 
Hence, always read the Terms of Service (TOS) before clicking "I agree."
Secondly; are you allowed to write about what you want to write about, or do you have to takeassignments?
On many sites you will find a list of what the owners want.  This would not be a problem if you were not doing an hour or so of research then having your work rejected.   Sites that practice this 'assignment' mode not only pay very little, (usually about 1/3 to 1/4 of what they would pay a 'real writer', but get the copyright to your article.
This means that even if you are published, the pittance you get is a one off.  When they sell or syndicate the article you get nothing.
To be crude, if you were stocking shelves in Walmart you would make more money than writing for this site. More money in less time.
Only join sites which do not interfere in your ownership of your material and which allow you to edit and remove your work.  Do not be tricked by the so-called 'higher' pay or 'upfront' payments, these sites are ripoffs.
Sites you can write for:
This site does not interfere in your copyright, does not demand you write about any particular topic. You are paid by Adsense.  Hence you will probably spend as much time marketing your work as you did writing it, but it is YOUR work.
Similar to Xomba, it is another site where you never lose the rights to your work, and are paid by Adsense.
You can write anything, from poems to a photograph.  You get a few pennies per hit and can associate your Adsense account.  It is your work, so once published, (publication is not immediate) you can edit, delete as you chose.
Very much like Triond save one needs to publish How Tos or Factual articles.  You can edit and delete.
One loses all rights to their work once posting it on Factoidz.  The trick is to have one as a 'writer' for some arbitrary period of time, where they can not edit/delete then raise them to Staff Writer, where they can, and so will post more work, then drop them to writer, then member, without warning.  As a member one can not even see how much revenue is produced.  This site is a must avoid.
This site demands you write about what they decree,  You may work for hours on a piece and it is not published.  You must also spend time rating other articles.  Hence, you do unpaid labour.  You supply content, you review other work, and get nothing.  This is a must avoid.
Suite 101
You grant to Suite101 the exclusive right to electronically publish the Content on the internet and other electronic media in accordance with the terms of this Agreement for one (1) year from the posting date of the Content and shall have the perpetual, non-exclusive right to publish it on the internet and other electronic media thereafter. You also grant to Suite101 the perpetual right to sub-license and syndicate the Content or excerpts of the Content to other internet sites and electronic media and Suite101 also has the perpetual right to use the Content, excerpts of the Content and the Writer's name, likeness and approved biography in any materials created to promote the Website in any medium.   'Nuff Said.
I hope these tips have been useful. And if you are satisfied maybe you can extend a hand in helping a jobless fulltime blogger earn some chump change online.Every little bit helps. Thanks in advance,appreciate the favour,you have no idea!!