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The past few years have brought a new work at home solution for many people. Writing online articles for money has become a big hit and has brought millions of people extra income. Writing online for money sounds like a easy get rich quick scheme but, in reality, it takes hard work and dedication just like any other job. Here are a few basic tips to getting started
Start on a site. Building up your own website or personal blog might be your end goal but it can be hard to make any money in the beginning, especially if the web address has been newly registered. Search engines have a hard time indexing pages like this and it can be years before you get a PageRank from Google. Start with a reliable online writing community like Xomba and work your way up from there. Xomba allows you to remove your work at any time, for any reason, so you can begin a new adventure on a different site at any time.
Find your niche. Writing about things you already know about is the best option when first beginning an online writing career. It's easier to write an informative article about your favorite recipes or activities. Find what you're passionate about and start writing from there. There is an audience for everything so don't be afraid to express your thoughts and feelings about a particular subject.
Try hottest trends. Sometimes it's hard to get noticed if you aren't writing about anything that most people are currently interested in. Mix it up sometimes and write about hot topics like celebrities, movies, and music. Again, try to find things you already know about. The simplest of articles can absolutely get you noticed so feel free to write about musical artists like Lady Gaga or professional football players.
Link your work. Online writing sites have a great benefit of being crawled by Google and other search engines quickly but sometimes that isn't enough to get noticed right away. Try linking your articles at other sites like popular social networking sites and social bookmarking pages where your friends and family may inclined to read your work. Be careful not to spam the same description of your link though. It's important to be unique each time.
Insert keywords. Keywords are specific words or phrases that are most commonly searched in relation to a topic. It's sort of like thinking of the most common ways to search for a subject through a search engine site. To get some help finding popular keywords for your topic simply search for a free keyword tool. The most important thing to note is to be careful using too many keywords, as it will only look like a pile of jumble or spam.
Write content. This is the most basic tip when it comes to writing online but many people don't quite understand what it means. Writing content means including information in your article. If you title your article "The Great Benefits of Eggs" then you should list a few reasons why eggs are a good dietary choice instead of repeating the same few lines about how much you enjoy eggs with toast in the morning. You want your readers to come back so give them something worth reading in the first place.
Submit material often. It's important to keep writing new material regularly. It keeps frequent viewers coming back and you have more chances of hitting the first few pages of any particular search engine with more material available. Try to submit an article each day to help improve your traffic and increase the odds of being found more regularly. It's recommended to submit more vaulable content than one a day but if you are low on time or have a hard time figuring out what to write then do what you can.
Keep track of hits. Make sure to check each of your articles hits each day to know what brings viewers to your content. This can help you improve your writing by finding more direct information that people feel you have a good amount of helpful knowledge about. If you know that people read your articles about your adventures in vegetable gardening then you know it might be more profitable to continue writing on that subject. Keep track of your data over time so you know what is a big hit and what is a complete flop.
Above all else, know that you probably won't make hundreds of dollars overnight by writing articles online for a living. It will take time to progress to such achievements but it can be done. Always be willing to learn and improve. Set reasonable goals to meet and stick with them and you will watch all of your hard work pay off over time.

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