Using Twitter to promote your site

The old way to make money with a blog was to sell ad space, and for some bloggers like Johny o skool  this is possible. But for the rest of the bloggers out there this may never be the case for you. Since to sell ad space you will need A LOT of traffic, and have that traffic be consistent. Is it possible? Of course it is, but is winning the lotto but the chance of that happening are slim. How Can You Make Money With Your Blog?

  • You need good quality content, that helps people with issues they have.

  • Be personable, be trustworthy, build relationships with your readers.

  • Most important, you need to think like a Internet Marketer. 

  • Now when I say think like a IM that doesn't mean put out crappy products once a month or annoy people with a million emails a week, instead do some of what a IM'r does.

    Build Your Email List
    This means offer something free that has value and ask for their email, that way you can control what and when you can email your reader thru "in a nice way" new updates and offers.Try List Joe

    Sell Your Own Product
    The best way to be a authoriy in your niche is to sell your own product, or service, it is also the best way to make real money with your blog.

    Ask For The Sale
    Ok so your not a salesman? That's ok the best part of having a blog is that asking for the sale is pretty painless if.  If you have been offering quality content that helps people, your building relationships with your readers and your being real and trustworthy. By the time you ask for the sale, most of your readers will be smiling with their card out ready to buy :)  There is nothing wrong with wanting to make money with your blog, and if you follow these few simple steps and think a little bit like a internet marketer you will have no problem succeeding.

  • Sign up for a Twitter account and everytime you post a new article,just click share on your blog and the Twitter icon  and your article's title and link  will be posted on Twitter.Just write a brief promotional message about  your article that you feel may get readers curious enough to want to click on the link to your blog. Eventually you may build up some followers of your site if the topics you are posting happens to be of interest to the readers. After a time,you may have gather a fair amount of twitter followers following your twits,then you may want to look into making some residue income just by twitting.Adly pairs you up with advertisers that may ask your permission via email to place an add with your twitter account and tweet it.You have option of approving or denying the request.Entirely your discretion,A tweet by advertisers earn you from 0.05 to 0.10 which can accumulate into a decent amount after a time.

    When you have built a substantial list of Twitter followers ,advertisers will start making request to use your Twitter account to
    twit their promotions , credits go from 0.05 to 0.10 cents per twit

    ,so if you have a large twitter following makes sense to register an account
    with Adly, All adds twitted need your permmision in which you will
    receive an email asking for permission to twit an add with your twitter account!!

    Freelance Jobs
    Hundreds of writing jobs posted daily from all niches, demand for simple blog writing to highly skilled programming. just sign up for free and list your preferences for writing giggs and jobs matching your listings will be emailed to you daily. Completed tasks pays out from USD30 to  USD1,000 or more depending on the assignment you applied for.Some writing assignments may take you weeks to complete after a mutual agreement on remuneration is reached. Lot of employers actually gives trial assignments just to be sure,the job can be done to their requirements.

    Autoresponders !
    An autoresponder is one of the most powerful tools every serious affiliate marketer must have within his or her arsenal if they wish to succeed long-term. It’s actually one of the lifelines of your business.
       An autoresponder is a sophisticated piece of software that automates the following procedures:
    1) Collecting email addresses and adding them to a database.
    2) Automating the job of sending email to the subscribers on your list.
    With an autoresponder you can: send an email to some or all of your subscribers at once, collect valuable data about your subscribers and schedule a series of emails to be sent automatically on fix intervals.
    Update your subscribers about any recent developements or changes to products or services.
       Don’t settle for cheap autoresponder software. It will cost you in time, headaches, subscribers and money. Here’s what i use and recommend:

    Traffic wave site comes with step by step training articles on how to and where to, set up and use the marketing tools to your advantage . Unlimited Auto responders,list building,email marketing , using articles etc  ! Earning you passive income ,even as  you learn to utilize the marketing tools while figuring out the tricks of the trade in internet marketing!

    .What topic to blog about! Passion or money making with your blog?Ideas for titles

    Why do you blog ?
    When this subject of what topic to blog comes up,one can  go on forever trying to decide on what best subjects to  write and blog about!
     It all boils down to the blogger themselves. What the main objective or intent is when the decision to start a blog is made!
    That in itself has few main motives ,whether be it for the purpose of just sharing thoughts and opinions, or whether it is to air a point of view not shared by many,  to educate  , amuse or entertain vis prose. There are so many talented and creative writers with a gift for using words to stimulate , inspire , paint a picture with words and usually it comes with a strong  desire to share their creative visions and thus satisfy their hunger for a stage to launch their expressions , and what better way is there to satisfy this craving to express their ideas , thoughts , insights , perceptions of live as they view it!  Blogs are  ideally suited for that very purpose , thank God for the internet.!
    The creative writers! 
        To be able to pen thoughts onto words and for those words to be reconverted  onto thoughts or mental imagery by  the reader ,emotionally is a gratifying feeling for the original creator to say the least,  and if an word expressionist is articulate enough in their prose to gain an appreciative audience or following , attracted or entertained or stimulated by the way thoughts are presented or how words are used to create visions or stir emotions , its like an  ultimate reward for the author , emotionally !
      If it werent for the internet , its  near impossible even for the highly creative and talented writers to put forth their works , to be read and enjoyed by many , it factors on luck ,opportunity and personal social connections of the authors.Only God knows before the era of internet, how many works of artistic or educational and entertaining  merit lies some hidden place on a shelve or drawer gathering dust because the authors were unable to get it published, and thus  some just passed on , gave up creating ,disillusioned ,discouraged by the thought that their heartfelt prose cannot be shared!
       But with the internet,and ease in which to set up a blog, authors can now showcase or convert their   heartfelt emotions , thoughts or desire to use words to form , to express , to exhibit , to shout out , hitherto their pent up creative emotions ,skillfully crafting or sculpting words,constructed in a way that  vicariously or lividly depict their thoughts and are able to publish without obstacle, giving access to all who know to seek out their interest online, creative prose  with potential exhibition to thousands who share a common interest in the views aired or the visionary images made by these works of artistic articulateness of words.! 
        Works which would have gone  unnoticed ,unappreciated and undeservingly , fading away without even being read by those who would have been genuinely appreciative of the creation in question if only they were to know of its existence! Seems a shame.
     Blogs are like canvasses for the artistically inclined writers to express their artform!
       and now these creative words' craftmen can have a personal  blog as a  platform to launch into cyberspace and immortalize their works and the really good ones will eventually be noticed as their prose gains more followers from word of mouth of an appreciative audience directing interested readers to their articles,gradually building momemtum if the authors are prolific and consistent enough to sustain their writings and postings on their blogs!
         And  for those who loves to read expressive words and know how to seek out  such works of art online, they will be rewarded , their thirst for an uplifting emotional or even for some ,a spiritual experience , satiated , as they discover such works of words that provides  that gratification.!

        So what to write about in a blog?
    Possibilities on subjects are endless. Thousands of potential topics that can be dealt with creatively. Niche topics.
      Whether the objective is to satisfy a personal thirst or desire to share creative prose or on another level, many blog mainly for the monetary incentive , no desire to be read and appreciated as a creative author but focusing on posting subjects that are of immensely popular interests  to  the general public that may gain a significant number of  readers and followers commonly interested in subject matter and indirectly gaining revenue from advertisers placing adds on the articles featured on the blogs.!
       Motivations to blog has many variations. which influences the choices of what to write about! Can be focused mainly on some very specific topic like Pet care , Health issues, food recipes, sports ,weight lost,stamina building .
         Internet marketing or earning money online seems to be the most popular blogging topic of all.

           Blogging  boils down to Passion or Revenue as the priority!
     There are bloggers who just pen down their thoughts without consideration of generating revenue,sole objective is to be read and appreciated , and hence  their rewards is the satisfaction  of having  readers who enjoy their writings.
        There are bloggers whose sole purpose is fully motivated by the income earning ability of the topics they treat in their blogs.!
      Former group of bloggers are the creative bunch ,who may go into the fiction genre , short stories, true life stories,celebrity gossip, political commentary , poetry , compilation of song lyrics  from latest releases to rare hard to find songs from decades past, blogs about collectibles,personal hobbies,posting of pics or videos ,
     using their blogs as a stage to launch their  expressions of dissatisfaction on the establishment, views,personal or political , networking , dispensing vocal opinions or unsolicited advice, remarking on state of affairs, general or personal , criticising individuals , companies or goverment ministries,          
        Or they can be blogging for fun ,a recreational activity or pastime, posting own individual profiles for interested parties to see and share. General commentaries on personal lives adventures or misadventures , Basically just having fun , interacting with friends or social networking on the international internet  social scene,to meet new acquaintances online who mutually follows each other's  blog postings on whatever topics the bloggers feels like writing about! Making the world a smaller and friendlier place,when bloggers of the international community all meet and greet online,voicing opinions, at just the click of a mouse instantly. 
         Whatever subject a blog is on,with millions of internet users worldwide,there is an audience with common views on the topic,who will readily read what one has to say on the subject,just have to learn how to seek them out to present your blog articles.
         And  surprisingly despite being a secondary or incidental reason
    for starting the blog,some blogs have emerged successfully generating passive revenue because of the subjects discussed in the blog that attracted a huge interest and following, which would indirectly lead some readers to click and view advertisements posted in the blog that earns the blog owner some residue income.
      Especially when controversial topics are discussed or debated on the blog ,might be political or celebrity,or a heated personal debate over some non issue  that somehow attracted attention and interest and lead some to join in the fray.!
         Anything is possible on the internet ! Controversy always generates interests ,and there are hundreds of topics that are in fact controversial ,from sexual affiliations to gender bashing ,racial bias to religious extremism. Issue over drugs or substance abuse, child abuse , discriminations , exploitations , human rights, scandals ,violence ,crime etc etc.
          Or there are less serious and light hearted subjects like entertaiment topics, TV shows ,gossip about celebrities sheenanigans , escapades ,rich and famous people , delicious and exotic food or places,strange and beautiful critters, good sources of fuel for something to post about and mull over!

                   Blogging objective mainly to earn residue income!
       And then there are the bloggers whose main aim is to make money with their blogs so  postings will be  about online money programs , GPTs (GetPaidTo), that incentivizes members to refer new members, these blogs will be chocful of referral links and paragraphs encouraging the reader to click on the link and join the program to earn money online and at the same time earning the blogger referral credits,  paragraphs detailing dozens of these money programs explaining how revenue is generated from joining these sites,and also having advertisers from few advertising sites inserting adds in the blogs to earn additional passive income from visitors clicking on the adds. 
       Be assured that all the articles will be about making money online and which program is recommended and so on!
      There are endless blogs that deals exclusively in dispensing advice on how to make money online ,work at home tips, latest must join money programs to earn, constantly updating and adding on theses residue money earners on the internet and explaining how they function to earn members money, some of these blogs have very useful information like alerting surfers to scams or discussing some particular controversial site or pointing out some successful legitimate earning sites worthwhile joining ,but yet there are known to be blogs that actually prey on unsuspecting inexperienced newbies seeking to learn how to earn online,directing them to useless programs that fleeces money more than they make for the members, which ironically is how these blogs earn money for their owners.
           It is serious business monetizing your blogs, successful blogs usually focus on a certain topic and specialize in the  particular subject matter,constantly posting ,updating articles in a frequency that can sustain the interest of the blogs followers and at the same time gradually build up or increase the member base of followers.
     Subjects like Pet care , pet health and nutrition , pregnancies and related issues , holistic medicine or preventive medicine , training articles on simple skills like origami , or cooking recipes ,exclusive food niches,'these HOW  TOs'blogs   if written well and updated regularly can generate a good following by interested parties who needs or finds the information extremely useful in their environments.'
        Bloggers apart from advertising revenue,may also be able to earn 
     residue income from sites that trades in products or services related to the blog's featured main topic ,when the blog owners sign up as affiliates with these sites and insert the site's links in the blog and  interested readers can be directed to these sites to visit and if they make  purchases ,commissions is credited to the blog owners.
       The trick is to figure out what information will be well received and has potential to create a substantial following because of the particular informative topic dealt with in the blog. Then its highly important to focus on the one topic and not be sidetracked and concentrate on building up useful and always relevant information of the subject that informs ,updates ,  educates or at least entertains readers. Information is a  commodity that can be effectively bought or sold for revenue, knowledge is power and knowhow on tricks of the internet trade can be financially rewarding.
        Every subject has interested readers looking for that bit of informative tips on how to improve or do something. There are literally thousands of topics to decide on but it will be a wiser selection to start blogging on a topic you may be quite familiar with already and expand from there! 
        Whatever information is presented ,if presented well and entertainingly written,will gain subscibers keen to follow the postings relevant to their interests.It doesnt really matter how skillful or knowledgeable you are on the topic,because even if you have partial knowledge,just surf the internet to fill the gaps. 
       Thats the advantage,being able to present all relevant information in one site so that the reader doesnt need to waste time with search engines when the info can be found in the blog with a mere click.!
       The work of compiling relevant information of subject matter is predone! 
        And readers are appreciative of these conveniences!

    Using your blog to earn residue income from other sources
     Traffic is the key to good earnings..The more readership your blog has ,the better are your chances of generating more income,simple maths of odds and ratios.

      A very effective means of generating passive income from your blog is to build referrals to  PTCs. Selectively choose the PTCs with very good track records of reliability in paying their members,Sign up as a member to get a referral link or banner url and insert the links or banners into your blog,earning you credits whenever a reader signs up to the PTC site with the  links in your blog,potential earnings can add up to a substantial sum if the number of referrals is significant. Ranging from 10-30 % of earnings from your referrals credited to you just for referring them to sign up with the PTC sites. Win win situation,Your referrals earn money for clicking and viewing adds for free and you earn a percentage  for referring them to the sites.
    Following is a list of the trusted risk free sites to earn ..
    Sign up an account with the following Get Paid to sites and use them to start building referrals to earn residue passive income.

    Ever thought of being a freelance writer working from the comfort of home while you earn, It can be done. Here is how... 

    clickbank items! .MY Lot social networking site!

    SEO for dummies.
    Search Engine Rankings . How well your online venture is doing has a lot to do with these 3 simple words.
     If you have optimized your web pages to get higher search engine rankings. It essentially means that you may stand a better chance to  attract targeted customers to your site and obviously gain some who may likely make purchases.
    Therefore, the higher your page comes up in search engine rankings, the better are the chances of being discovered by targeted traffic directed to your website.
    A very simple reason why search engine optimization is so important for any site’s exposure. It is estimated that approximately 85% of online traffic searching for goods and services on the Internet uses the main search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.
    To many people ,optimizing websites  seems very complicated if  they are not familiar with how it is done, but whether but  it is a crucial step that is highly necessary if they want to have better odds online in gaining traffic to their blog or web site that can be translated to business.
    To ensure a better chance of succeeding is to have sites, search engine optimized
     One can either invest some time or spend some money to study and get familiar with the technical aspects of search engine optimization of web pages available online.  How to rank higher on search engines. Or just do few adjustments to your existing web pages, and, you never know, you may be surprised at the outcome.
     For instance, try starting by examining the title bar on your homepage.  It is the colored bar at the top of the page.
    Every time you access your homepage, note the words that appear. In order to have a higher ranking on search engines, keywords and phrases are important. So be sure that the words on your home page’s title bar include the most important keywords or phrases, including among them, your company name.
     You ought to click all your links and examine the title bars on the pages that have been  
     accessed.   The most important keywords and phrases must be included in every single page of your site on each Title bar.
    Not recommended to use long strings of keywords, ideally six words and less. Also, use keywords not more than once in the title bars, and check to be sure that identical words are not side by side...
    Try to figure out what are the more preferred words that potential customers will use to type into search engines, searching for sites with similar content like yours.
     It is very important to figure out the all important keywords that may be used and ensure that the text on the site’s pages include them. It will give better odds of traffic being directed to find your site.

    If possible the optimum amount of words to have on each page can be about 200 to 250 but if this is not practical for some reason, then determine the most appropriate 100 carefully chosen keywords.
      To have a higher ranking on the search engine, the text is the key to it...
    It is important that the text can be read by the search engines. The format should not be in graphic but HTML text. To determine whether your text is in HTML format, use the cursor to try
     highlighting a word or two. If it can be done, it shows that it is HTML .But if the text doesn’t highlight, it is probably in graphic format, in which case then you will need to get a webmaster to have the text converted to HTML format for the purpose of increasing your search engine rankings.
    And then there are the Meta tags.  Sounds very technical, the term Meta tag. Actually it is just a code.
    Many are sure that  meta tags have a large part in determining a high search engine
    ranking, yet the truth is that they just have a limited effect, nonetheless, it is still worthwhile to add them just in case the search engines uses meta tags in their ranking process.
    You will need to access s the code in order to determine if your site has Meta tags
     To do this, right click your mouse and a box will pop up.  Then click “view page source”.
    It will show a window that displays the underlying code which created the page. Meta tags, if any, usually appear near the top of the window.
     It usually looks like: Meta name=”keywords” content=.
    If unable to see a code like so, you may need to ask a webmaster to insert the meat tags in.
     Meta tags may or may not do much to boost rankings but you do need all the help you can get.
    Finally the issue of how popular the website’s link is.?
    Another extremely crucial factor on search engine ranking . Mainly, all  search engines  rank websites according to link popularity. This in turn is relevant to the quality of the site that is linked to, from the links page.
     One can try to check on their sites using a Google search and typing
     “Free link popularity check”. Another one is “free website link checker”
    . You will be directed to sites where when you type in your site’s URL, you can find out what sites are linked to yours .Do a comparison if you have competitors. Type in their URLs to see the sites that they have linked to.

    Now if a low count exist on the no. of sites linked to yours or maybe the linked sites are ranked low on search engines. You may need to think of doing a link popularity campaign.
    What you may need to do is to get in touch with quality sites and request for a link exchange with your site.  But first, check out the rankings of the websites you are considering linking with.
    If unsure whether or how to contact them you can always use a Google search to find sites that
    Will inform you on what to do and how to approach them.
     Having links to quality popular sites can ,besides giving your rankings a boost ,may also  direct  quality traffic to your website.
    So many Internet marketing websites are successful because, for  a large part, it  is  due to high  search engine rankings
    So if you have a online business,  you need to  seriously consider using the service of a search engine optimization company.
     But before that, try a DIY approach and use  some of the simple steps listed just to find out if it may help to increase your site ranking.
    Yup, this all important factor in Internet marketing, of using SEO of websites, should not be brushed aside.
     Needless to say that, the higher your site is ranked in the search engines will translate into more quality traffic directed to your site.

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    Use these links

    Writing sites worth joining!!

    The first bit of advice is READ THE TERMS OF SERVICE.
    Most people click; "I agree" without reading exactly what they've gotten into. This is an actual provision
    of the Terms of Use for a particular site;
    grant us an irrevocable, perpetual, non-exclusive, fully paid, worldwide license to use, copy, perform, display, reproduce, adapt, modify and distribute the Content and to prepare derivative works of, or to incorporate such Content into other works, and to grant and to authorize sublicenses of the foregoing;
    Do you understand what that paragraph implies?
    License to, ratings, communications, information, data, text
    or other materials You give us (collectively, the "Content"), by providing Content
    for the Website, You automatically grant, and You represent and warrant that you
    have the right to grant, to Us an irrevocable, perpetual, non-exclusive, fully paid,
    worldwide license to use, copy, perform, display, reproduce, adapt, modify and
    distribute such Content and to prepare derivative works of, or incorporate into
    other works, such Content, and to grant and to authorize sublicenses of the
    foregoing. In addition, by providing Us with Content, You automatically grant us
    all rights necessary to prohibit the subsequent aggregation, display, copying,
    duplication, reproduction or exploitation of the Content on our Website by
    any other party.
    Have you agreed to the above? 
    Hence, always read the Terms of Service (TOS) before clicking "I agree."
    Secondly; are you allowed to write about what you want to write about, or do you have to takeassignments?
    On many sites you will find a list of what the owners want.  This would not be a problem if you were not doing an hour or so of research then having your work rejected.   Sites that practice this 'assignment' mode not only pay very little, (usually about 1/3 to 1/4 of what they would pay a 'real writer', but get the copyright to your article.
    This means that even if you are published, the pittance you get is a one off.  When they sell or syndicate the article you get nothing.
    To be crude, if you were stocking shelves in Walmart you would make more money than writing for this site. More money in less time.
    Only join sites which do not interfere in your ownership of your material and which allow you to edit and remove your work.  Do not be tricked by the so-called 'higher' pay or 'upfront' payments, these sites are ripoffs.
    Sites you can write for:
    This site does not interfere in your copyright, does not demand you write about any particular topic. You are paid by Adsense.  Hence you will probably spend as much time marketing your work as you did writing it, but it is YOUR work.
    Similar to Xomba, it is another site where you never lose the rights to your work, and are paid by Adsense.
    You can write anything, from poems to a photograph.  You get a few pennies per hit and can associate your Adsense account.  It is your work, so once published, (publication is not immediate) you can edit, delete as you chose.
    Very much like Triond save one needs to publish How Tos or Factual articles.  You can edit and delete.
    One loses all rights to their work once posting it on Factoidz.  The trick is to have one as a 'writer' for some arbitrary period of time, where they can not edit/delete then raise them to Staff Writer, where they can, and so will post more work, then drop them to writer, then member, without warning.  As a member one can not even see how much revenue is produced.  This site is a must avoid.
    This site demands you write about what they decree,  You may work for hours on a piece and it is not published.  You must also spend time rating other articles.  Hence, you do unpaid labour.  You supply content, you review other work, and get nothing.  This is a must avoid.
    Suite 101
    You grant to Suite101 the exclusive right to electronically publish the Content on the internet and other electronic media in accordance with the terms of this Agreement for one (1) year from the posting date of the Content and shall have the perpetual, non-exclusive right to publish it on the internet and other electronic media thereafter. You also grant to Suite101 the perpetual right to sub-license and syndicate the Content or excerpts of the Content to other internet sites and electronic media and Suite101 also has the perpetual right to use the Content, excerpts of the Content and the Writer's name, likeness and approved biography in any materials created to promote the Website in any medium.   'Nuff Said.
    I hope these tips have been useful. And if you are satisfied maybe you can extend a hand in helping a jobless fulltime blogger earn some chump change online.Every little bit helps. Thanks in advance,appreciate the favour,you have no idea!!