2..Monetizing your blogs,advertising revenue!

 There are dozens of blogging sites you can join but these are the best bet to monetize your personal blogs and earn residue..

To generate money ,needless to say, you need traffic , people visiting your website or blog..
Main thing is not to fall under the impression that soon as you have a site set up , the revenue start coming in..
Its takes a lot of patience and effort to build Traffic..and some savvy marketing..

Once your blog or blogs are set up , you are good to go  to earn revenue from it..
Depending on the hosting site , some will allow you to immediately generate a revenue earning code,or you may be required to do a certain amount of postings on your blogs ...

 Below are links to sites (among dozens)that you can use to monetize your blogs..

1.Google adsense..  ( pays you per click on adds in your blogs)

2.Yahoo publisher..( pays per click as adsense)

3.neverblue..(pays per sale or action)

4.Monetize your Website or Blog with BidVertiser...pays per click from adds placed in your blog or website

5.Sponsored reviews..  Get paid per review to blogs

6.Comission junction. get .paid per action

7.Adengage..get paid per banner spot on your site

8.AdHitz..like adsense , get paid per click from adds in your blog

Using your blog to earn residue income from other sources
 Traffic is the key to good earnings..The more readership your blog has ,the better are your chances of generating more income,simple maths of odds and ratios. Promote ,promote ,promote your articles ,get a share this book mark,that you can drag to your bookmark bar and use it to share your posts with as many sites as you can keep up with..mainly Facebook ,Twitter , Linked In and sign up for few more that the share tab displays and share your articles.