Online marketing social networking and other advertising resources for your blog

Of course there are sites like  MySpace, You tube, Facebook, even Twitter, terrific promotional tools for your blog if used correctly.
Yahoo Answers is another site , post a question or response and leave your sites link if posting relevant to question,or just make your own relevant question and leave link as follow up..

 In a nutshell,the more sites you use,the more links you create back to your blog, over time,all  the effort can add up and be effective in generating more Traffic to your sites.

Promoting or Advertising your site
Finally,there are also the free advertising sites like Traffic Exchanges, you either purchase advertising credits or  surf the adds in the sites and gain add credits for free  that way. Most Traffic Exchanges members marjority are online marketeers so if your blog posts are something non related to internet marketing,it may be a waste of time advertising on exchanges..
But for sheer numbers in membership i highly recommend following 2 exchanges,the top ranked in the industry,with combined membership of 300.000 strong.

My own list of favouriteTraffic Exchanges that i like to surf at..!
Popular 1:1 Traffic Exchange Cool Exchange site for members,highly useful tool for advertisers. Surf for free credits and even your own banner links to advertise, PTC bloggers looking for referrals would like this feature.Can  earn some loose change by being active surfing , promoting and referring members. Highly rated in traffic exchange community. One of the fastest growing exchanges. With 200,000 members and increasing,has been consistently voted as the no.1 exchange for some time.This site has a, paid to surf , paid to refer new members feature. A good site to join to promote your own programs.
But my favourite features are the free advertising tools available to promote our own websites. 

If you find this guide useful and enlightening,and if indeed  helped your site succeed.! Or helped you to get started on the path to rewarding way to blog..
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Earn a little extra with
Advertisers on your site,sign up as a publisher with the advertisers and get add codes to be inserted in your sites,like Adsense revenue is generated by per click basis of adds in your sites..


AdHitz adds

Linkbucks adverts

ClickBank adverts
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You are going to need to sign up an account with payment processors to receive your funds/ or make purchases since most  programs use them to make payments to their members.Most popular is Alertpay and Paypal. Both free to sign up for an account.And dont have to link with a credit card if not planning to purchase anything.

Alertpay,convenient,more than paypal in some instances,because can transfer funds into many countries bank accounts which paypal doesnt service,
Alertpay can deposit direct into your bank account no.
I ll recommend to sign up to alert pay coz of the convenience of this bank account direct transfer if you reside  outside the US that Alertpay has the direct bank transfer service..

Or sign up for a free paypal account to process your payments via credit card because Alert pay currently doesnt have the credit card link service to some countries..You can opt to be paid through alert pay or Paypal ., either deposit funds into your account or use to link to your credit card to fund your purchase.
Usually it will be a good idea to have accounts with both payment processors since most Internet Paid to programs use one or the other to make payments.

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