Using Twitter to promote your site

The old way to make money with a blog was to sell ad space, and for some bloggers like Johny o skool  this is possible. But for the rest of the bloggers out there this may never be the case for you. Since to sell ad space you will need A LOT of traffic, and have that traffic be consistent. Is it possible? Of course it is, but is winning the lotto but the chance of that happening are slim. How Can You Make Money With Your Blog?

  • You need good quality content, that helps people with issues they have.

  • Be personable, be trustworthy, build relationships with your readers.

  • Most important, you need to think like a Internet Marketer. 

  • Now when I say think like a IM that doesn't mean put out crappy products once a month or annoy people with a million emails a week, instead do some of what a IM'r does.

    Build Your Email List
    This means offer something free that has value and ask for their email, that way you can control what and when you can email your reader thru "in a nice way" new updates and offers.Try List Joe

    Sell Your Own Product
    The best way to be a authoriy in your niche is to sell your own product, or service, it is also the best way to make real money with your blog.

    Ask For The Sale
    Ok so your not a salesman? That's ok the best part of having a blog is that asking for the sale is pretty painless if.  If you have been offering quality content that helps people, your building relationships with your readers and your being real and trustworthy. By the time you ask for the sale, most of your readers will be smiling with their card out ready to buy :)  There is nothing wrong with wanting to make money with your blog, and if you follow these few simple steps and think a little bit like a internet marketer you will have no problem succeeding.

  • Sign up for a Twitter account and everytime you post a new article,just click share on your blog and the Twitter icon  and your article's title and link  will be posted on Twitter.Just write a brief promotional message about  your article that you feel may get readers curious enough to want to click on the link to your blog. Eventually you may build up some followers of your site if the topics you are posting happens to be of interest to the readers. After a time,you may have gather a fair amount of twitter followers following your twits,then you may want to look into making some residue income just by twitting.Adly pairs you up with advertisers that may ask your permission via email to place an add with your twitter account and tweet it.You have option of approving or denying the request.Entirely your discretion,A tweet by advertisers earn you from 0.05 to 0.10 which can accumulate into a decent amount after a time.

    When you have built a substantial list of Twitter followers ,advertisers will start making request to use your Twitter account to
    twit their promotions , credits go from 0.05 to 0.10 cents per twit

    ,so if you have a large twitter following makes sense to register an account
    with Adly, All adds twitted need your permmision in which you will
    receive an email asking for permission to twit an add with your twitter account!!

    Freelance Jobs
    Hundreds of writing jobs posted daily from all niches, demand for simple blog writing to highly skilled programming. just sign up for free and list your preferences for writing giggs and jobs matching your listings will be emailed to you daily. Completed tasks pays out from USD30 to  USD1,000 or more depending on the assignment you applied for.Some writing assignments may take you weeks to complete after a mutual agreement on remuneration is reached. Lot of employers actually gives trial assignments just to be sure,the job can be done to their requirements.

    Autoresponders !
    An autoresponder is one of the most powerful tools every serious affiliate marketer must have within his or her arsenal if they wish to succeed long-term. It’s actually one of the lifelines of your business.
       An autoresponder is a sophisticated piece of software that automates the following procedures:
    1) Collecting email addresses and adding them to a database.
    2) Automating the job of sending email to the subscribers on your list.
    With an autoresponder you can: send an email to some or all of your subscribers at once, collect valuable data about your subscribers and schedule a series of emails to be sent automatically on fix intervals.
    Update your subscribers about any recent developements or changes to products or services.
       Don’t settle for cheap autoresponder software. It will cost you in time, headaches, subscribers and money. Here’s what i use and recommend:

    Traffic wave site comes with step by step training articles on how to and where to, set up and use the marketing tools to your advantage . Unlimited Auto responders,list building,email marketing , using articles etc  ! Earning you passive income ,even as  you learn to utilize the marketing tools while figuring out the tricks of the trade in internet marketing!